Issue #3 HOME

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cover shot by Paige MacCready @paigemaccready

The Messy Heads Issue 3, the third printed edition of the Messy Heads and our longest one yet.

145 pages dedicated to finding your home beyond a physical space. 

This issue of the Messy Heads also features submissions from dozens of young women & men who share their experiences with finding home. They speak on growing up in a suppressed environment, adoption, moving out of the country, living in an immigrant family, living with someone they love, and ultimately finding home in themselves. 

This issue is in three themed parts: When I'm There, When I'm With You, and When I am. There are photo essays, short stories, articles, music playlists, poems and even some pages with interactive prompts for the reader to get out the pen and coffee and explore their own messy thoughts.

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Thanks to everyone for your support, submissions and feedback!  As always, there are no ads in this magazine, just authentic content.