Messy Skateboard Decks

$ 65.00

Two Messy Head skateboard decks to cruise around with, inspired by NYC and LA. Original full size film images with poetry on each. Ships next business day. 


I went for a walk on the wild side

and ended up turning

my whole life upside down

and oh boy...

what a wild ride


last thing I remember

I was running out of time

stuck in a sweet state of nostalgia

when I was yours

and you were mine

Decks are made in Canada and are made of Canadian Maple. They are printed in Colorado with eco-friendly inks and by employees who make well more than the minimum wage. The company also recycles everything and is a zero waste facility. They also donate to local charities, non-profits and school programs.

*Please note that these are only the decks, and not a complete set up. For more information on setting up your board, click here